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About Joanna

Since childhood, I knew that I have a gift – to motivate people, give them self-confidence, develop the imagination of others. Thus, I find happiness in people and I hope that they find it. inside of me. I wish that everyone could believe in themselves and overcome their fears. as a person with all possible phobias from childhood, I know that any fear can be overcome. All doors are open for us – you just need to choose the right one. This is what I have always said, I say, and I will speak.

Joanna Goldblum

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The best experience of my life. Everything was up to the mark, after that I began to feel on my feet, grew up in my career, began to live life to the fullest and I advise everyone.

Helen Jones


5 out of 5 valuable advisor, good specialist, worth trying at least once. I have not tried so many things – both yoga and spiritual practices and prayers, but only meeting with Joanna saved me.

Sketer Parkinsson


It helped me a lot. I couldn’t even think of what to cook for myself for breakfast, I didn’t know that I was good at singing. I used drugs. And then everything vanished as if by hand.

Wodie Birdwood


Look at the stripes and enjoy life. Now that’s my motto. I never thought I’d feel so good. And now I’m good at it. This is an important life lesson that Joanna and life itself have taught me.

Calasey Morris


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