See The Stripes is a campaign to help raise awareness within the general student population about commonly overlooked contributions to Clemson University’s history. The Tiger, Clemson University’s mascot, as represented by the university’s “Solid Orange” campaign is both incomplete and inaccurate, as is a history that does not acknowledge both the positive and negative.

The central idea of See The Stripes is an acknowledgement that The Tiger has stripes, which are an integral part of its existence and survival. While The Tiger could be seen as “Solid Orange” a solid orange tiger could not survive without its stripes. Similarly, Clemson University’s history has its dark parts that should be acknowledged—particularly the histories of laborers who contributed significantly to its development: slaves, sharecroppers and convict laborers.

As the stripes on The Tiger complete the picture of the university’s mascot, acknowledging the stripes on the uniforms of convict laborers, the strips of land worked by the sharecroppers, and the slaves, who bore stripes on their backs, help provide a necessary, more complete view of the history of Clemson University.

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